High Tech Has Come
To Signify High Politics Too

Amid a fundamentally changed world order, the lines between politics, diplomacy, finance, and technology have become increasingly blurred. Emerging technologies are no longer mainly an economic and commercial issue but are increasingly geopolitical issues of the highest order.

Our mission is to support the creation of new ideas for successfully navigating the new global order by leveraging the power of emerging technologies to empower diplomacy and peace.

We are a not-for-profit organization focused on building the evidence-based case for the use of emerging technological innovations to promote international peace, reconciliation, dialogue, and world security.

We aim to set the course for a more stable, peaceful, and safe world by examining and highlighting the roles of leading-edge technologies such as AI, Web3 and DeFi in engaging global communities.

We support our mission by fostering dialogue among high-level stakeholders, by generating a research-based framework for new policy directives, and by investing to move beyond research and debate to secure real-world solutions.

Our mission is to put emerging technologies at the service of diplomacy and peace. We aim to leverage the powers of AI, DeFi and Web3 to help advance our global community towards a fairer and more peaceful world order.

We aim to galvanize global leaders to think about how pioneering technologies can be used to promote reconciliation, prevent future conflict, and address the global threats of cybercrimes to peace and to human rights.

We leverage the expertise and insight gained through research and the convening of top experts, innovators, influencers, and policymakers from different backgrounds and competing viewpoints to support our mission.

GIFIP was established by Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, an international investor and FinTech entrepreneur whose lived experiences of growing up in war-ravaged Middle East shaped her relentless fight for peace and passion for international dialogue. Having witnessed the traditional, often male-dominated, diplomatic channels fail to achieve long-lasting peace and reconciliation, Roxana dreamt of GIFIP to bring women into the fold of peacebuilding and to empower the leaders of today and of tomorrow leverage new dynamic applications of technology to promote a new-age diplomacy. She strongly believes in engaging young people in this journey so that they can become the tech and political leaders of tomorrow who champion for peace and for collective understanding.

Our team is rapidly growing. If you believe in our mission and have what it takes to create a brave new world, get in touch. Contact Us.

Amid an increasingly fragmented world order, it is not enough to talk the talk, we must all walk the walk. This is why through our investment arm, we aim to catalyse projects to move beyond research and dialogue to secure real-world solutions.

By proactive development of pipelines, we identify best-of-breed start-ups vetted by our experts and invest directly in the technologies of the future that bond together communities and promote peace.

The world is changing. It is changing rapidly. Power, technology, and governance will determine the future of the global order. At GIFIP, we invest in technologies that will shape the future of our global world order.

We engage in rigorous research, host global convenings, and advance strategic partnerships to enable ideas to promote peacebuilding and dialogue through leading-edge emerging technologies.

Our global summits convene leading technology entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, CEOs, policymakers, and global thought leaders to discuss critical issues impacting the security of our world today.

Our Geopolitics of FinTech Symposium facilitates in-depth conversations around leveraging new dynamic applications of financial technology to disrupt the traditional process of diplomacy. Our Women, Peace, and Security Summit promotes the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in peacemaking, conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts.

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